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weight of pavers by foot

  • The ideal weight and thickness of the concrete pavers you'll install depends on whether you'll be walking on them or driving on them.

  • The difference between a tile and a paver is the thickness; tile With a weight of 6.5 pounds per square foot for half-inch travertine tile, you will 

  • Well, a 12x12x2 concrete paver weighs just about 10lbs, so probably right and at one point carried 757 pounds (343 kg) on his 6-foot-2-inch (1.88 m) frame.

  • Pavers typically weigh between 8 and 10 lbs. each while most buildings Pallets contain between 40 and 63 square foot of paving material depending on the 

  • Glen-Gery Interlocking Clay Unit Pavers. General Weight: The weights of interlocking pavers vary with thematerial, sizes, and manufac- per square foot.

  • Paving Stone Calculators. Disclaimer: These Enter the area of your project in the total square feet form cell. Press the Whole Stones. Weight in Kilos 

  • square red patio stone (common: 12-in x 12-in; actual: 11.7-in x 11.7-in) in the pavers Color, dimension, weight and texture may slightly vary due to natural 

  • Using those numbers, estimate the number of pavers needed. For 4" x 8" pavers you will need 4.5 pavers per square foot. Using 3 5/8" x 7 5/8" pavers you will 

  • This condition is greatly minimized with the use of Pavestone pavers a 4 to 6 inch foundation of roadbase is required in order to handle the weight of the load. the Brickstop edging restraint you use a concrete toe with a piece of 3 rebar.

  • Maneuverability combined with production make the 8-ft. asphalt paver a very versatile piece of equipment.


  • Choosing the proper paver specs for your hardscape investment is important. Whether you are remodeling or Units per square foot: Weight: 25lbs. per sq. ft.

  • How much weight will my pavers support? Pavers installation price is usually calculated per square foot, based on the type of pavers that will be used, 

  • Need pavers or patios for your next landscaping project? Our concrete, stone and brick paving products transform landscapes into Pallet Weight: 2660 lbs

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