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computer components and their functions

  • An all-inclusive computer houses both a monitor and the components that make the computer function, but does not include a mouse or .

  • Let's take a trip through the components of a computer for some advice. . There is a power box included with your system unit, and you'll see a cord coming out .

  • Most people heavily rely on computers today so it is in their best interest to understand a basic computer's components, functions, and cost.

  • A presentation about the essential components of the computer. . A power supply unit has its own fan. 11. . These are different types of slots.

  • This article helps explain the function of computer hardware components. . and comparing different components to discuss the differences.

  • Keyboard. Used for entering data, generating commands. The keyboard layout is similar to a typewriter with additional keys for other functions. There is a .

  • Free Tutorial: There are several basic parts of a computer, including the monitor, computer case, and . Computer cases come in different shapes and sizes.

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  • A computer performs five major operations or functions irrespective of its size and make. These are. • it accepts data or instructions as input,.

  • The portable computer comes in various sizes and are referred to as laptops, notebooks, and hand-held computers. These generally denote different sizes, the .

  • The computer on your office desk consists of several main parts, including a microprocessor, memory and a hard drive. Each part plays a different role in .

  • For most people, the inside of a computer looks no different from the inside of any other electronic device: circuits, cables, and connections.

  • Computer hardware is the physical parts or components of a computer, such as the monitor, . Different systems[edit]. There are a number of different types of computer system in use today.

  • Though computer design has evolved through the years and the underlying technology has become faster and faster, the core components which make up a .

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