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railroad ties for playground

  • Creosote treated wood from fences, bridges, railroad ties, or telephone poles are not recommended for use in playgrounds. Children who play 

  • Use railroad ties to segregate the area of the yard with the pool and fire pit from the part New Sportspower Super 8 Fun Metal Swing Set Playground Day Care 

  • Railroad Ties are NOT Legal for Home Landscape Use. Q: Pattie writes: "I recently bought a house just over the Pennsylvania border in Maryland. The previous 

  • These cautions apply to railroad ties decommissioned by the railroads and reused by humans for landscaping, playgrounds, gardens and on 

  • Creosote-treated railroad ties should not be used around veggie gardens or fruit trees, playgrounds or any other place where it may come into 

  • The safety material you choose for the ground surface of a playground is, perhaps, the Landscape timbers, railroad ties, or plastic safety material for framing.

  • Old railroad ties are used in landscaping to provide edging for flower beds or walkways or to construct small retaining walls, compost bins or raised beds while 

  • Hi all- I plan to use 6x6 landscaping ties to create a border around our swingset and then fill the frame with smooth pea gravel. The border will 

  • Plastic Playground Borders made from recycled HDPE plastic are excellent way to enhance the beauty of a playground while keeping loose fill safety surfacing 

  • utility poles, railroad ties, and cable spools. It is often planned and constructed by parents, teachers, and children with the help of a playground specialist.

  • F. 1-12' metal and plastic sliding board with 6 stairs, enclosed in 24' x 18' railroad ties, (sand base) (good). G. 1-28' swing set with 4 bucket swings enclosed in 

  • Bender Board · Edging Stones · Landscape Edging · Landscape Timbers · Railroad Ties. Related Categories. Dimensional Lumber. Refine. Clear All. Type.

  • commonly used to treat railroad ties and utility poles. Because of the Children who play on CCA-treated playground equipment can be exposed to significant.

  • It's prime sandbox season, but this is one playground hot spot that's fraught at-home sandboxes (i.e., using railroad ties to build a sandbox)?.

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