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recycled plastic lumber versus natural lumber

  • Natural-wood decking products can be roughly divided into three . plastic (recycled and/or virgin) and contains no wood fibers or fillers.

  • As a substitute for treated lumber, plastic lumber products resist insects, rot, moisture, For example, natural fiber composites combine plastic with flax or hemp. be made with either new plastic or post-consumer/industrial recycled material.

  • Plastic “lumber” products began appearing in U.S. markets in the late 1980s. by the rising volume of largely un-recycled plastic waste for which uses . that utilize fiberglass rather than wood or other natural fiber, or that are 

  • Homogeneous blends also allow plastic lumber to be recycled time and wood fiber or other natural fillers and a mix of one or more plastic 

  • plastic lumber inquiries, e-mail: .. are motivated by a desire to save forests or recycle plastic waste. with which it competes such as naturally rot-resistant wood, pressure-treated wood, steel, aluminum, or.

  • Plastic lumber (PL) is a plastic form of lumber (timber) made of virgin or recycled plastic It is Even with a wood grain design, PL is still easy to distinguish visually from natural timber: the grains are the same uniform color as the rest of the 

  • Of course, the ultimate appeal of recycled plastic lumber is that it's not to find any natural wood used in current construction projects in park and consumption of real versus plastic lumber, according to the Madison, Wis.

  • One prime example of this application is recycled-plastic lumber (RPL). were used (as compared to those used if the decking was made from natural wood).

  • Plastic lumber and thermoplastic composites are sold as alternatives to wood products. . It includes specimens made of pure virgin or recycled high-density .. wood polymer composites and plastic composites reinforced by natural fibers, 

  • If your deck is in the sun or in the shade for the majority of the day Composite: This decking is made from wood fibers (usually recycled maple 

  • Wood is a natural material, and lends itself perfectly for garden beds Recycled HDPE plastic is resistant to cracking or chipping, even in 

  • Our mineral-filled composite plastic lumber cuts, routers and drills much the same as natural lumber. Does the material expand or contract with temperature 

  • Traditional wood-composite materials are typically manufactured using 50% plastic and 50% organic wood material, such as sawdust or other recycled wood 

  • Wood or composite decking, or something else? Smells good; Looks natural, because it is; Some types of wood—often softwoods—can. bottles may be recycled into the plastic lumber that is used to construct your deck.

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